Dizdarevic: No surprise UK and France sided with America

Dizdarevic: No surprise UK and France sided with America Izvor: N1

Current developments in Syria were not only about relations between the USA and Russia, but they boded for some big geostrategic changes in the world, said Zlatko Dizdarevic, a journalist and former diplomat, with extensive experience of working in the Middle East.

“Two facts led to direct source of panic for the West. First, the situation in Syria started showing the victory of the Russia-Syria-Iran coalition, which is unacceptable for the West. (…) The second thing, even worse for the West, means a big comeback of Russia to the international stage through Syria,” Dizdarević told N1. “The West was late to react to such things. Situation with (the US President Donald) Trump led to internal collapse within the USA and creation of a complete chaos and panic.”  

Asked to comment the positioning of other global powers in the case of military intervention – France and the UK, which took side of the USA, and Germany which took neutral standpoint, Dizdarevic replied:  

“Europe is no longer a power. (…) Europe is facing a huge problem inside, it got in panic because of three million of refugees, and only in Damascus there is a number of three million refugees but it is not falling apart. I am not surprised with stance of the Britain, which, just like America, cannot admit the victory of another,” emphasized Dizdarevic. According to him, ordinary people in the USA and the UK oppose the intervention.  

“I am not surprised that France and the Britain sided with America, that is a complex of vassal relationship with the USA. It's not easy for any of them. (Turkey's President Recep Tayyip) Erdogan is balancing in this situation. Five days ago he met (Russia's President Vladimir) Putin and Iranians, and then he demonstrated affinity towards America. It is his assessment that Americans would probably come out as winners in this conflict,” he concluded.  

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