Slim chance for Bosnia's national anthem

Slim chance for Bosnia's national anthem Izvor: N1

Canton Sarajevo, one of ten cantons in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity, attempted to initiate a parliamentary discussion on the national anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  The Cantonal Assembly submitted its conclusions on this issue to the Constitutional-Legal Commission of the House of Representatives of Bosnia's Parliamentary Assembly, however the Commission failed to reach an agreement on the proposal. The Commission said that the Cantonal Assembly was not authorized to propose such a proposal.

Back in 2009, Bosnia was in the position to get a national anthem, but there was no political will for such a thing. Representatives from Republika Srpska entity objected to the proposal which has not received support ever since.

Commission members' opinion on the proposal varies. Commission member Sefik Dzaferovic said that he was always of the opinion that there should be no dispute about the proposer and that the proposal should be submitted to the discussion and the decision-making process.

“The Commission is under pressure to deal with this issue and I don't know why that is. Why didn't any of our colleagues, who want us to discuss this issue, propose it? They all have the right to propose this initiative. They are more authorized to propose it,” Commission member Momcilo Novakovic said.“My personal opinion of the text of the initiative is that is that we do not have the conditions to adopt it."

“To be fair, it's unlikely that this will happen, solely due to the power ratio in the Parliament,” Commission member Sasa Magazinovic said.

Nikola Lovrinovic, who is also a member of the Commission said that if they were unable to agree on the initiative from the very beginning, there is slim chance that the initiative wil ever be discussed.

Bosnia is not the only country without a national anthem. Spain, San Marino and Kosovo are among the countries without a national anthem.  

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