Veterans protest in front of FBiH Parliament building

Veterans protest in front of FBiH Parliament building Izvor: N1

A group of some 100 veterans are protesting in front of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) entity Parliament building.

According to N1 reporter Slavisa Starcevic, veterans from the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Croat Defence Council demand a discussion on their demands and claim they will not move from the plateau in front of the Parliament building.  

Their protest comes before the extraordinary session of FBiH Parliamentary Assembly's House of Representatives whose agenda does not contain the veterans' demands.  

One of the veterans, Ahmo Zulic said they plan to stay in front of the Parliament building. “If need be we'll stay here until we die. Politicians don't want to hear our cries. We came here today to resolve our issues. It is now or never. If they don't want to resolve them, we'll do much worse than what we did last winter. We won't block the roads, this time we'll do something else," he said.  

Last winter the veterans had set up a permanent tent settlement in front of the FBiH entity Government building where they stayed during the entire winter. This was done in protest that their demands were not resolved.  

Head of the Association “Forgotten veterans” Darinko Boto said that they hope to enter the Parliament and that their demands will be included in the agenda. “We will not move from here until our demands are adopted,” Boto said  

The veterans demand the publication of a single war veterans' registry, the abolition of the financing of veterans' associations, and the right to receive veterans' allowance.  

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