Izetbegovic: Bosnia is at the historic crossroads again

Izetbegovic: Bosnia is at the historic crossroads again Izvor: Predsjedništvo BiH

Constant training within law enforcement agencies and continuous efforts towards the creation of safe and stable environment are some of the essential elements in the reforms we are carrying out on the path to the full membership in the European Union (EU), Chairman of Bosnia’s Presidency Bakir Izetbegovic has stated on Tuesday.

Speaking at the opening of a modern police training centre in the central Bosnia’s town Zenica, Izetbegovic said the country was currently “in the lobby of the European Union (EU).”

“We unblocked the processes that were in a stalemate for a long time, we started implementation of the reform agenda, we adapted the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA), we reached a full consensus on finalizing the EU’s Questionnaire and now we are awaiting the candidate status,” said Izetbegovic, overviewing Bosnia’s status in the accession process.

He assessed the recently adopted EU’s Strategy for the Western Balkans as “additional encouragement and opportunity to speed up the path to Europe”, adding that the process of accession matters a lot to Bosnia.

“Every new reform will contribute to the improvement of the situation and better life. The new strategy of the European Commission contains answers to almost all issues that Bosnia is coping with at the moment,” he added.

As for bilateral issues between Bosnia and its neighbours – Croatia and Serbia, Izetbegovic said those disputes would have to be solved “in an accelerated way under the EU’s surveillance.”

According to Izetbegovic, Bosnia is again “at the historic crossroads” and “will have to defend itself from those who are trying to lead it astray.”

“Those who are trying to create chaos and hopelessness will not discourage us. I am convinced those forces will be defeated and that the forces who are fond of this country and work for its prosper will get stronger in the upcoming period”, he concluded.

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