Gathering of support to parents of Memic and Dragicevic

Gathering of support to parents of Memic and Dragicevic Izvor: N1

Several hundreds of citizens gathered in Sarajevo on Tuesday to express their support to the parents of Dzenan Memic and David Dragicevic, two young men who, according to the parents, were murdered.

“I am a Serb, an Orthodox Christian, murderers of my son are Serbs. Criminals have no religion or nation, they only have their interests,” said father Dragan Dragicevic, who was the first to address the crowd.

David Dragicevic went missing on March 17 this year in Banja Luka and his lifeless body was found a few days later in the Crkvena river. The parents claimed their son was brutally murdered and that the police were tampering with the evidence, protecting the perpetrators.

“I saw David Dragicevic was massacred, raped, murdered, brutally murdered. (…) I am not going to die until I bring the criminals to justice,” said Dragicevic.

According to Memic’s father, Muriz Memic, the evidence in his son’s case is being concealed.

Memic suffered severe injuries in a Sarajevo park in February 2016, which led to his death a week later. Judicial authorities assessed the incident in which Memic died as a traffic accident, which his father strongly objected and has been trying to prove wrong since then.

“It is absurd that the prosecution has re-qualified the case three times so far because they are either incapable or corrupt,” he added.

Memic directly accused prosecutor Dalida Burzic of not even trying to find, as he said, his son’s murderer.

“Nine traffic experts told me I was right but they cannot say it in public – why? I will seek responsibility of all interior ministry officers involved in this case,” said Memic.

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