Ambassador Cormack lays wreaths at Potocari memorial

Ambassador Cormack lays wreaths at Potocari memorial Izvor: Fena

Citizens of Srebrenica deserve economic development and stability, the US Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Maureen Cormack said on Wednesday during her visit to this eastern Bosnia's town.

Cormack held meetings with Head of Srebrenica Municipality Mladen Grujicic and laid wreaths at the Potocari memorial site, where she honoured the genocide victims.

The Srebrenica Genocide Memorial is a memorial-cemetery complex set up to honour the victims of the 1995 massacre, which the International Court of Justice held as a genocide. The victims—at least 8,372 of them—were mainly males, mostly Bosniaks and some Croats.

“I am happy to be in Srebrenica today. I am here to hold a series of meetings,” said Cormack who met municipal authorities. “We discussed a number of issues, economic development, political issues, education and healthcare,” she added.

The ambassador confirmed she would attend the commemoration for the Srebrenica genocide victims on July 11 and take part in the Peace March, a supportive activity to the Srebrenica anniversary.

Deputy Head of the Municipality Nermin Alivukovic and Cormack discussed the preparations for July 11. According to him, they agreed it was necessary to create a situation where all tensions would be avoided.

“We will certainly prevent all those who try to jeopardize coexistence on the territory of Srebrenica from doing that,” Alivukovic added.

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