Radoncic's lawyer: I wouldn't appeal the verdict

Radoncic's lawyer: I wouldn't appeal the verdict Izvor: N1

The lawyer of Bosnian politician Fahrudin Radoncic, who was acquitted of obstruction of justice charges in a first instance ruling today, told N1 he is satisfied with the verdict and that, were he the prosecutor, he wouldn’t appeal it.

“I am satisfied because the defense had the same amount of time as the Prosecutors’ Office to prove its assertions,” Asim Crnalic.

“There is the possibility of submitting an appeal to the ruling, but if I was the prosecutor, I wouldn’t write one,” he said. “But knowing the Prosecutors’ Office, I have to say I expect they will appeal,” he added.

Along with member of the House of Representatives of Bosnia's semi-autonomous Federation entity, Bilsena Sahman, former Security Ministry Secretary, Bakir Dautbasic, and former US Embassy employee, Zijad Hadzijahic, Radoncic was accused of the crimes in an indictment submitted on February 15, 2016.

Prosecutors said the group had pressured and threatened witnesses in a Kosovo trial against convicted drug trafficker Naser Kelmendi. The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina acquitted all of them today.

Radoncic has maintained the charges against him were politically motivated.

Crnalic said the accusations against Radoncic produced “ugly images” of the politician in handcuffs, and that there were problems with his health during the trial.

He said he does not expect Radoncic to sue anyone in regard to the court process. The politician today said there was no evidence against him and his co-defendants in the case, except for a "desire to eliminate us from the political scene".

“As far as I know Radoncic, he will not engage in vengeance, he is satisfied with what the Court did,” the lawyer said.

Radoncic is a state House of Peoples lawmaker and the the leader of the Union for a Better Future (SBB), a political party currently in power in a coalition with the main Bosniak party, the Party for Democratic Action (SDA). The former media magnate was also running against SDA leader and current chairman of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic in the 2014 general election.

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