Bosnia officials unaware of ambassador's attendance of event

Bosnia officials unaware of ambassador's attendance of event Izvor: N1

Bosnia and Herzegovina's Ambassador to Israel should not have attended the opening ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, said Chairman of Bosnia's Presidency Bakir Izetbegovic.

Izetbegovic said he had no information about the presence of Bosnia's delegation at the embassy opening and, according to him, this should not have happened without previous consultations with the Presidency.

The US decision to relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and demonstrations it caused among Palestinians, sparked the international reactions, including those of some European leaders.

Palestinian Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina earlier urged Bosnia's Presidency to launch an investigation into the accuracy of information about Bosnian Ambassador to Israel attending the embassy opening.

“We know that Bosnia coordinates its foreign policy with the foreign policy of the European Union (EU). Majority of the EU member states except for Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania, boycotted the opening ceremony in line with the policy of not accepting Jerusalem as a single capital city of Israel until its status is solved through Palestinian-Israeli bilateral talks,” said the Palestinian Community.

Bosnia's Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak noted he was not familiar with this information, and that the ministry was not following all ceremonial events organized in other countries. “I really have no details about this very event,” said the minister.

According to the state Constitution, the Presidency is in charge of the appointment of ambassadors and other Bosnia's representatives abroad as well as the representing of the country in the international institutions and organizations, while the work of diplomatic and consular offices of Bosnia abroad falls under the jurisdiction of the Foreign Ministry.

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