EU used to be more certain about enlargement, professor says

EU used to be more certain about enlargement, professor says Izvor: N1

The EU-Western Balkans Summit in Sofia did not yield the same results as the Thessaloniki Summit 15 years ago when the European Union (EU) was more optimistic and certain in the outcome of its enlargement, said the Sarajevo University professor Nedzma Dzananovic-Mirascija.

According to her, the responsibility in the enlargement process is on the EU but also on the countries aspiring to become member states.

“The integration process has been carried by political elites since the 1960s until today, enlightened political elites, which can see further from national interests. That's what made Europe great, stable and desirable to live in,” the professor told N1.

In her opinion, the sequence of the countries which will be presiding the European Union in the upcoming period – Austria, Romania, Croatia – is very favourable for Bosnia.

“That is one whole sequence of countries that understand true need for enlargement. In that sense, we will get adequate attention and will be on the European Union's agenda. But one should not have illusions that the European Union will be dealing with the Western Balkans only,”, said Dzananovic-Mirascija, adding that Bosnia should take care of becoming a part of the European Union's agenda “as a positive example.”

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