Migrants in Bihac: Volunteers help children and infants

Migrants in Bihac: Volunteers help children and infants Izvor: N1

The number of migrants in the Una-Sana Canton has been growing continuously in the past several months. Bihac’s first asylum centre started operating recently and now it houses 650 migrants. The situation is under control, but only thanks to the Red Cross volunteers.

The Red Cross volunteers appeal to state authorities for help because 95 percent of this three-storey asylum centre which has no doors or windows had already been put to use. They add that whenever they hear commotion and cheers, they know someone had crossed the border.

In an average group of 15 migrants attempting to cross the border, only two manage to cross it. Many of them tried to cross it multiple times but to no success. Migrants mostly complain about the treatment they receive from the Croatian police when caught crossing the border illegally.

The camp mostly houses migrants from Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said they would provide food for the migrants and aid for the volunteers for a period of one month and negotiations on the construction of another asylum centre in the Una-Sana Canton are underway.

Around 100 migrants are residing in the old retirement home, in the centre of Bihac, without any supervision. There are over 2,000 migrants registered in the Canton, and Bihac alone has 1,600 migrants living in the city. The hygiene in the camp, however, is alarming.

The public has high expectations from the international conference on the current migrant situation to be held in Sarajevo, Thursday, as do volunteers from Bihac and Krajina region.

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