DF leader: HDZ's proposal of election law was dismissed

DF leader: HDZ's proposal of election law was dismissed Izvor: N1

The Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) insists on maximalist demands, which are directly opposite to the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said leader of the Democratic Front (DF) Zeljko Komsic, commenting the ongoing talks on changes to the electoral legislation.

Speaking for N1, Komsic said that the international officials, who took the advisory role in the talks on changes to the Election Law, want the parties in these talks to reach as broader consensus as possible.

The Venice Commission experts have arrived in Bosnia again this month to help Bosnian authorities and political leaders to find a solution to disputable law provisions and the way in which the Constitutional Court’s decision treating this matter would be implemented. After the May talks yielded no specific results, the talks have resumed this week again.

 According to Komsic, leader of the centre-left, opposition DF, HDZ’s proposal of the Election Law presented at the Tuesday meeting was dismissed. “Today we reached the point when everyone, so to say, both representatives of the international community and parties said: that’s it. Asked if everyone supported it, the majority of us said ‘yes’,” said Komsic, adding that they also agreed the proposal almost everyone accepted would not be presented in public yet.

The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina ruled two years ago that the provisions of the Election Law treating the election of the House of Peoples members were inconsistent with the state Constitution, setting the timeframe for the competent institutions to act and apply the necessary changes. Until today, political leaders have not reached an agreement on how would the court’s decision be implemented and the Election Law amended.

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