Migrants prevented from crossing the border near Livno

Migrants prevented from crossing the border near Livno Izvor: N1

Some 20 migrants attempted to illegally cross the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, near the town of Livno, Thursday night but were prevented by Bosnia’s Border Police who turned them back to Livno.

The migrants are expected to be transported back to Sarajevo or Mostar, said the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Interior Ministry.

The Livno Police Department received the information, Wednesday afternoon, that a group of Middle Eastern migrants is flocking around the Livno bus station.

The police then determined that those were 22 Syrians, 10 of which were minors and that they came to the Livno area from Sarajevo and Mostar.

The police contacted the Foreigners’ Service from the state Security Ministry who determined that all the persons have the necessary documentation to reside on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The migrants were then allowed to move freely.

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