Political analysts: Kim was wiser than Trump

Political analysts: Kim was wiser than Trump Izvor: N1
Vanjskopolitički analitičar, bivši veleposlanik BiH Hajrudin Somun i Đivo Đurović, vanjskopolitički analitičar i kolumnist telegrama, komentarisali su za N1 sastanak američkog predsjednika Donalda Trumpa i sjevernokorejskog lidera Kim Jong-una u Singapuru.

Kim Jong-un achieved a much better deal than the Donald Trump did in the Tuesday summit between the two leaders in Singapore as the US did not get any guarantees North Korea would get rid of its nuclear weapons, political analysts Hajrudin Somun and Djivo Djurovic told N1.

Somun, who is also a former Bosnian diplomat, said that much about the meeting was already said on the global scene. He quoted New York Times journalist Nicholas Kristof, who wrote that Trump was "outfoxed" by the Noth Korean leader.

North Korea did not give up its nuclear arms, while the US did not negotiate a deal like the one it had with Iran, which got rid of 98 percent of its depleted uranium, he said.

"That is the core reason for why Kim was the wiser one," Somun said.

The analyst said that achieving a personal success is important to Trump, as this is how he behaved as a businessman as well, and that it is not important to the US leader what he will get out of it, but rather that he wins.

"So the entire world talks about him and the agreement," he said.

Djurovic, who is also a columnist for the local Telegram, agreed with Somun, adding that Trump promised North Korea that the US will stop its joint military exercises with South Korea, which the analyst said was a huge concession.

"North Korea did not give anything, except for renewing its commitment to denuclearize," Djurovic said.

"This is a big victory for North Korea, Russia, China and all of those who are on North Korea's side," he added.

Djurovic said that Democrats and moderate Republicans in the US are worried over the summit, but that there is a group within the Republican Party that supports Trump no matter what.  

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