Hadzikadic: Civic activism creates positive pressure

Hadzikadic: Civic activism creates positive pressure Izvor: N1

Mirsad Hadzikadic Bosnia's Presidency candidate at the upcoming election said the citizens are not active enough when expressing their discontent and that the authorities must involve the citizens in the decision-making process.

Activism and freedom of expression through legal methods without violating the public law and order are some of the basic pillars of democracy which are not used enough in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Hadzikadic said. “Civic activism creates positive pressure on the ruling structures in order to remind the government that its actions must be in function of improvement of the quality of life of citizens and the society as a whole.”

He welcomed the recent wave of civic activism in the country, starting from veterans’ protests, protests amid the unsolved cases of deaths of two young men from Sarajevo and Banjaluka and the ongoing protests amid the petrol price increase in Bosnia.

“I see these protests as a justified expression of the growing discontent of our citizens,” he added.

He claims that some of these protests have already yielded results.

“Even some ruling parties reacted to the petrol price increase, demanding that prices be decreased. It is evident that civic pressure works. Bosnian citizens must be actively involved in all spheres of political decision-making concerning the development of the Bosnian society.”

He called on all the citizens of Bosnia to express their activism and civic duty in the October election when they will show their attitude towards the current situation in the country.

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