"From Zagreb to Srebrenica"

"From Zagreb to Srebrenica" Izvor: Sanjin Fajić

A light projection of a crocheted white flower, a symbol of the Srebrenica genocide, will be projected on the fountains of a street in Croatia’s capital of Zagreb.

The performance is organised by the Council of the Bosniak National Minority of the City of Zagreb (VBNMGZ) and besides the white flower with 11 petals that symbolize the July 11, 1995, the day when the massacre started, the light projection will display the message "So it is never forgotten. From Zagreb to Srebrenica".

"We wanted Zagreb’s citizens to remember Srebrenica and the genocide with this projection," VBNMGZ President, Harun Omerbasic, said.

Croatia marked the Srebrenica genocide with a commemoration organized by the Parliament, the promotion of books about it and with a marathon run from the Croatian city of Vukovar to Srebrenica in Bosnia.

The marathon runners were received by Srebrenica’s mayor Mladen Grujicic, who said it was a positive step toward the much-needed dialogue in Srebrenica.

The white petals of the crocheted flower are by now worn by celebrities like Angelina Jolie and politicians like ex US President Bill Clinton.

The light projection will take place on the day of the anniversary of the genocide between 9 and 11 p.m.

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