Angelina Jolie: Srebrenica stands as an indelible warning

Angelina Jolie: Srebrenica stands as an indelible warning Izvor: AFP

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie who spoke about the Srebrenica genocide all over the world and visited the Potocari Memorial Centre, spoke about the genocide on its 23rd anniversary when the remains of 35 Srebrenica victims were buried in the Potocari Memorial Cemetery.

“The passage of time cannot diminish the pain felt by survivors of the war in Bosnia or the horror of the Srebrenica genocide. I have never met more brave, dignified and resilient women than the Mothers of Srebrenica, many still searching for their lost sons and husbands 23 years after the genocide. My thoughts and my heart are with them, and with all survivors in Bosnia today," Jolie said

"I hope this anniversary will remind leaders in Europe, and the North Atlantic Alliance as a whole, of the importance of helping Bosnia to join the EU and NATO – giving the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina the greater opportunity they deserve, and securing the country, and the region, against future instability."

Izvor: AFP

She added that Srebrenica stands as an indelible warning of the consequences when the world fails to take sides when innocent civilians are threatened with aggression. It is also a reminder that the international community can act together, as NATO eventually did in Bosnia, to end the conflict and protect civilian life.

"On this the 23rd anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica, I hope we will be inspired to renew our sense of responsibility towards others, and our confidence in our ability to act collectively to prevent genocide and war crimes and defend international law. It is in our hands, and would be the best way of honouring the memory of those who died in Srebrenica,” Jolie concluded. 

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