Kosor: I got some offensive tweets concerning Srebrenica

Kosor: I got some offensive tweets concerning Srebrenica Izvor: N1
Jadranka Kosor za N1 o godišnjici genocida u Srebrenici i Mundijalu u Rusiji

Former Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor told N1 she had to block offensive comments on her Twitter post concerning the Srebrenica genocide, adding it was an adequate reaction. She pointed out that the World Football Cup diverted the public’s attention from Srebrenica to the game between England and Croatia.

“I had some pretty ugly and offensive comments on my Twitter post concerning Srebrenica, but I decided to block them. I didn’t want to go into a discussion with them. I was aware of FIFA’s rules but we must know what happened in Srebrenica. It is important for us living in Eastern Europe that we continue remembering the Srebrenica events.”

She stressed she also posted a song by Jadranka Stojakovic “Sto te nema” (“Why aren't you here”) dedicated to all the Srebrenica but also Vukovar victims.

“I mention Vukovar because I believe that, had the international community stopped the Vukovar from falling, Srebrenica would have never happened. It’s part of our common past. I think the people in Croatia have a duty to remember these dates and we must respect the decisions made by courts,” Kosor added.

She concluded that politicians from these areas have the obligation to respect the verdicts made by international courts concerning crimes in this part of the world.

Prior to the match between Croatia and England football teams, Kosor asked FIFA from her Twitter account to take a minute of silence to remember the Srebrenica genocide anniversary on July 11.

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