"No one has the right to ignore the veterans' demands"

"No one has the right to ignore the veterans' demands" Izvor: N1

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) entity Vice President said that no one has the right to neither ignore the veterans’ justified demands, nor to manipulate them, stressing that Head of the commission for the harmonisation of texts of the Law on the Rights of Veterans Jasenko Tufekcic should not shift his responsibility to others.

The FBiH House of Peoples adopted on June 26 the Draft Law on the Rights of Veterans in the form adopted by the FBiH Government. The House of Peoples did not adopt the amendments adopted by the House of Representatives, which the Government also rejected.  

This means the two chambers had to align the adopted versions of the Law. The main difference between the two versions concerns the amount of veterans' allowance.

"Previously, we’ve witnessed Jasenko Tufekcic deny his own allegations, so there is no way one can take him seriously any more. In his yesterday’s address, following the commission’s session, he said he’d ask for a meeting with several representatives of the executive branch in the FBiH, next week, and then he mentioned the Vice President of the FBiH," Dunovic said. "I’m hereby telling him, publicly, that, as head of the commission, he has no authority to schedule a session with representatives of the FBiH’s executive branch. One could even forgive his ignorance had he not lost the sensitivity towards the veteran population. Mr Tufekcic, it’s time you finally started doing our job and stop shifting your responsibility to others because of your ignorance, incompetence and manipulation with the veteran population."  

The FBiH Vice President told the veterans that their basic human rights must be respected and that they should demand this respect "from those who have been shamelessly lying to them for the past 23 years." 

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