Lawmaker: SNSD expects victory in upcoming election

Lawmaker: SNSD expects victory in upcoming election Izvor: N1

A lawmaker from the party ruling the Bosnian Serb half of the country and advocating its secession said on Friday that his party expects a landslide victory at the forthcoming election in October.

Bosnian Serbs do not want those collaborating with foreign embassies and the Bosniaks and supporting the unification of the country in power, said Stasa Kosarac from the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD).

The SNSD is currently in power in the Serb-dominated part of the country, called Republika Srpska (RS).

But the party’s bitter opponents, a coalition of Bosnian Serb parties called the Alliance for Changes, represents the Bosnian Serbs in the central government.

The SNSD, especially their leader and RS President, Milorad Dodik, have been accusing the Alliance for Changes of colluding with the Party for Democratic Action (SDA), the main Bosniak party, to weaken RS institutions.

"The people do not want those who, these days, instructed by foreigners, raise their fists into the air yelling 'he (Milorad Dodik) is done'," Kosarac said.

"The people do not want (George) Soros’s mercenaries and followers, political losers who represent Sarajevo’s old town in Republika Srpska," Kosarac told the Srna news agency.

He said the "alliance of losers" (referring to the Alliance for Changes) has no programme and is not even trying to include any positive idea into their messages with which they are "poisoning" the public in order to attract voters.

"Everything comes down to the washed up and pale copy of Soros’s resistance from 20 years ago! Citizens of the RS, who have seen such traitorous scenarios in the past, will not fall for it," he said.

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