USC officials ask the police to stop arrival of migrants

USC officials ask the police to stop arrival of migrants Izvor: N1

The influx of migrants in the northwestern Bosnia's Una-Sana Canton (USC) has continued and owing to that the number of incidents is constantly increasing, said Mayor of Bihac, Suhret Fazlic, speaking at a meeting of city mayors and heads of municipalities in that region on Wednesday.

The municipal and city officials in the Una-Sana Canton expressed concern over the developments referring to the migrant situation and asked from the Interior Ministry of this canton to stop the arrival of new migrants in this region.

“I have been warning for half a year that we will get into even deeper jeopardy as the winter approaches, but nobody is still reacting. We held a collegium of municipality heads and city mayors today because we don't plan to stop pointing at those who hold the tools in their hands to do something. (…) The number of incidental situations, burglaries, fights, attacks is increasing and the safety of our residents is at the totally unsatisfactory level,” said Fazlic.

The northwestern part of the country, which borders Croatia, has become a sort of a hub for migrants who're on the way to their final destinations in the western Europe. The local authorities have been struggling with a constant influx of migrants, demanding from the state-level institutions to find a solution to their accommodation as they were on their own initiative occupying public areas such as parks and abandoned buildings.

The officials asked from the security institutions, primarily the Una-Sana Canton Interior's Ministry to do everything in their power to stop the arrival of migrants who use regular train and bus lines to reach this region, to restrict the free movement of the persons “having the illegal status” and to increase the presence of the police in all parts of the city of Bihac.

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