Tuzla church choir singer: Diversities connect people

NEWS 02.04.2018 16:49
Source: Screenshot/RSE

Dika Prohic is a young psychologist and pedagogue from Tuzla. Although she is of different religious affiliation, Prohic has been singing in the church chores for years. Dika said this was her way to show how the different can connect people.

“That is a special gift from God. Somehow it has become a part of everyday life to exclude each other. Somehow, Islam is targeted as a religion of intolerance and misunderstanding, which absolutely cannot be true and correct,” Prohic explained.  

She also says this is her way to fight against prejudices, because – as she points out – diversities connect and do not disconnect people.

Choirmaster, Zlatko Spoljarevic, said the choir and the Franciscan Monastery is proud of Dika's example and they are honoured to have someone of different religious affiliation as a member of the choir.  

Friar Franjo Ninic added that Dika has come to realize, while singing in the church choir, that music is a bridge between souls.