The egg cracking competition in Kraljeva Sutjeska

NEWS 04.04.2018 09:37
Source: N1

The large diaspora that left Kraljeva Sutjeska gathered in their home village for Easter to sing, dance and celebrate the holiday with those who still live there - and to take part in the traditional egg cracking competition.

It is the tenth time the competition takes place, and this year it has eight participants. They bring their own batch of eggs that is inspected in detail by a jury. The egg must be from free-range chicken and colored with onion skins.

“Some start collecting the eggs on Christmas or New Year, at least this is how I do it. Throughout three or four months we choose the 30 hardest eggs and bring them here for Easter,” competitor Emil Krisic said.

Only adults take part in this competition. The young ones help color the eggs.

“Mostly with wax, but also with onion skins,” Krisic said.

Kraljeva Sutjeska’s rich tradition is visible in the traditional clothing many people wear for the occasion although older women wear it every day.

“We wear this for Easter, Christmas, Saint John's Eve, and so on,” a group of older ladies told N1.

“Grandpas now are after us the way young men used to be,” one of them added.

“My brother died a month and a half ago, and as you see I am wearing all black, without any jewelry or gold decoration on my Jecerma (traditional jacket),” one of the women said.

Whoever comes to this place also visits the Kraljeva Sutjeska monastery, where brother Zeljko Brkic meets them.

“I was truly happy when I saw that the Sutjeska church was filled to the brim, especially by those who came from different parts of the world,” Brkic said.

Those who spread all over the world come back here to spend time with their loved ones and to witness the culture and the long traditions in Kraljeva Sutjeska.