Migrants change their Balkan route for route through Bosnia

NEWS 06.04.2018 11:38
Source: N1

A number of migrants from parts of Asia and Africa, who are trying to reach the western Europe countries, has now replaced the so-called Balkan route with routes through Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ever since they arrived in Sarajevo, they have been sleeping in streets.

A family of four is coming from Iraq and their final destination, as they say, is the West. A mother, a father and two children travel with their backpacks only. They refused speak in front of cameras.  

The migrants coming to Bosnia have no intention to stay here.  

The Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina stated that the Asylum Sector received 208 asylum requests in 2018, and that all those who registered clearly said that Bosnia was not their final destination but some of the Western Europe countries.  

Once they register in Bosnia in this way, they are allowed to legally move and stay in the country. They encounter the problem of insufficient accommodation capacities, and despite that, they are supposed to deliver their address – which they don't have.  

Peter van der Auweraert, IOM Sub-regional Coordinator for the Western Balkans at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) explained that the authorities were trying to ensure additional capacities, adding that it was good to see the solidarity but, still, it was the state who should take over control.  

“And the second thing that should be taken care of is that all those who come are registered”, stressed Auweraert.  

According to the Foreigners’ Affairs Service of Bosnia and Herzegovina, total number of 223 migrants has been returned to Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia since the beginning of the year, while 128 migrants were returned to the countries of their origin.