Arrests in Sarajevo, police finds arms and ISIS flags

Source: N1/Ilustracija

After a several-month long investigation by Bosnian Prosecution and the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), the two institutions conducted an operation within which SIPA members searched two locations in Sarajevo.

During the search, SIPA found a certain amount of arms, bombs, ammunition, magazines for automatic rifles, knives, combat vests, as well as flags similar to those used by ISIS, which was declared a terrorist organization by the UN Security Council.

   The police found:

– One automatic rifle;

– 12 empty magazines for automatic rifle;

– 405 bullets calibre 7,62 mm;

– 7 hand grenades;

– 3 combat vests;

– 1 military uniform;

– 1 flag resembling ISIS flag;

– 2 framed photographs with flags resembling ISIS flag;

– Letters and various payment slips;

– 1 knife;

– 1 laptop, 3 cell phones, 511 equipment manual;

– 6 bags of cut tobacco.

The two persons who used the said premises, and who are under the investigation, were placed under surveillance by the special police and the SIPA units. Criminal investigation against these persons is underway. Bosnian Prosecution is conducting an investigation in this case, on suspicion of committing an act of terrorism based on Article 201, Section 4 of Bosnia's Criminal Code.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has ordered custody for the two suspects Maksim Bozic and Edin Hastor.