Bosnian publicist claims: Bosnia has handful of politicians

Source: N1

Bosnian writer and publicist Edin Urjan-Kukavica told N1 that the Central Election Commission's affair where allegedly 36 tons of ballots had disappeared, has existed since 2014.

He said that the Commission has published several statements denying all the reports on this issue, stating a different amount of ballots every time. According to Urjan-Kukavica, such denials could be interpreted as some kind of deception of the public.  

“There are a handful of true politicians in Bosnia. Most of the people in power are technologists, using all available instruments of technology, political technology to win and stay in power,” said Urjan-Kukavica.

None of these things should be happening in the pre-election campaign. Urjan-Kukavica added that such things should not happen in a normal society. Such events should not reflect on the lowest and most sensitive levels of society.

“In principle, we do not have a middle class that would be socially, politically, culturally, traditionally and nationally aware of its background, its past and its future,”, Urjan-Kukavica said. “We do not have a middle class that is awe of its present, in order to make a valid political decision.”

Edin Urjan-Kukavica also commented on the recently held International Economic Fair in Mostar where member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency Dragan Covic invited the Presidency member Bakir Izetbegovic to a presidential dinner and a meeting, which Izetbegovic failed to attend.

“In my opinion, it is scandalous that one member of Bosnia's Presidency should invite the other member to a different part of the country in which they both live. To me it shows that they they have divided this country at some mental level. It shows the the state of this country and its society,” said Urjan-Kukavica.