Neum expects record number of guests this season

NEWS 21.04.2018 11:37
Source: N1

Neum, the only coastal city in Bosnia expects the best tourist season this summer. Hoteliers are expanding accommodation capacities and are already focusing on the 2019 season.

“We are preparing and we can say we are ready for the summer tourist season,” said Head of the Neum Municipality Zivko Matusko, adding that they are trying to make the city look better and cleaner.

The city’s connection with the hinterland i.e. the rest of the country is of exceptional importance. This is why the locals impatiently await the end of construction of the Neum-Stolac state road.

As for the construction of the Peljesac Bridge, which should connect the Croatia’s mainland with its southernmost region, representatives of the local tourism office say this will not have any effect on increasing the number of guests but will certainly disburden traffic in Neum.

Locals agree, construction of the bridge and the Neum-Stolac road are important projects, which will significantly contribute to the city’s prosperity during summer seasons.