Balkan leaders have two stories

NEWS 20.04.2018 21:52
Source: N1

Tabloids’ headlines and some official statements make the Balkan countries look surrounded by spies and constantly in danger of sliding into a chaos, Eric Gordy, a London-based professor, told in an exclusive interview with N1.

Gordy, senior lecturer in South-east European Politics at the School of Slavonic and East European Politics, University College London, said that the region’s leaders usually have two messages – one for the domestic public and the other for the foreign audience.

“And then the political leaders come and meet with the political leadership of the European Union and they assure one another that they share the same goal…” Gordy, the author of ‘The Culture of Power in Serbia: Nationalism and the Destruction of Alternatives’,” said.

He added that such attitude showed that the governments accepted some formal obligations which from they can benefit and intended to carry them out on a formal level, but without intentions to either put them into action or to explain to public what it was going to involve.

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