Police institutions discuss illegal migrants in Bosnia

Source: Ilustracija

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Border Police delegation discussed the migration issue in Bosnia with the Bosnia’s Foreigners’ Affairs Agency and the interior ministries of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and Una-Sana Canton. The interlocutors discussed forming mixed patrols and investigative and operational teams to assist the Border Police.

“It is a fact that the Border Police lacks more than 570 officers and that we have exhausted all our human, material and technical resources,” said Director of Bosnia’s Border Police Zoran Galic after the said meeting in Grude, in the south of Bosnia.

“Good cooperation and coordination are necessary in order to jointly respond to the new challenges caused by the continuously increasing number of illegal migrants entering Bosnia, on their way to EU member states” Galic added.

 Galic thanked his colleges on the previous cooperation in dealing with the issue on the increased number of illegal migrants.

Interlocutors agreed that they will regularity inform the citizens on this issue and the activities they are conducting in the field.