House of Representatives' session cancelled

NEWS 24.04.2018 11:21
Source: N1

Bosnia Parliamentary Assembly House of Representatives’ emergency session was cancelled. Representatives were supposed to deal with the European Commission’s Report for 2018 on Bosnia’s progress in the implementation of reforms. The session was not attended by Bosnia’s Council of Ministers (CoM) Chairman Denis Zvizdic.

The session was also not attended by several ministers from the state level. Zvizdic had tasked the Director of the Directorate for European Integration Edin Dilberovic to speak on his behalf.

A representative at the House Sadik Ahmetovic said that the European Commission’s Report for 2018 demands an emergency session.

“I think this demands the presence of the entire CoM, not part of it. Ten years ago, Bosnia was ahead of the countries which now have the candidate status,” Ahmetovic said. “As far as I know, Bosnia’s main foreign policy goal is EU accession. I think the CoM Chairman and all the ministers had to be here.”

According to Representative Mirsad Djonlagic, it is unacceptable that Head of the EU Delegation in Bosnia Lars Gunnar Wigemark should hand over the Report to the Board of the House of Representatives, without informing the House of Representatives about it, beforehand.

“The report should have been presented in this hall. It is very important that we all discuss that document. I believe this session was extremely important and it demanded everyone’s attendance,” Djonlagic said. In the end, the session was cancelled.