The Fourth Energy Summit begins tomorrow in Neum

NEWS 24.04.2018 12:54
Source: EIA

The 4th Energy Summit begins tomorrow in Neum. It will bring together the four hundred greatest experts in the electricity sector as well as decision-makers who will discuss the solutions to all current problems in the sector that has enormous potential for economic development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Summit, which will be held April 25th to 27th, is jointly organized by the USAID Energy Investment Activity Project (EIA) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), through its projects “Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources in BiH” and “Promotion of Energy Efficiency in BiH.”

The summit will be attended by the top officials from Bosnia, representatives of political parties and ambassadors.

The key topics of the 4th Energy Summit panels are the sustainable development of Bosnia's energy sector, gas and coal as energy products, the energy market, the investment climate in Bosnia’s energy sector and the regulators as the backbone of the energy sector development and their role in energy efficiency.

In addition, a training for media representatives was organized in order to familiarize them with all the topics relevant to the energy sector so to enable them to report to the public about these processes.