United Group’s Solak: Business people don't discuss politics

NEWS 09.05.2018 18:41
Source: N1

Dragan Solak, the founder and the President of the United Group's Board of Directors, said that the idea of investing in the N1 project was to create the best possible news service.

Solak said that “we tried to create the best news service that is not either pro or contra anything, that is actually the best possible news service which delivers the true news for people to watch, consider and make their own decisions.”

Asked about the rising populism in the region and pressure imposed on media, Solak said that “if people elect a leader, that’s what people want, and we respect anyone who is elected,” Solak said.

He said he agreed that there was a certain movement across Europe and elsewhere that brought to power politicians who were sending messages which “are easier to swallow”, and that people followed that.

“But,” he added, “that’s a democratic process.” “As a business person it is not up to me to discuss political issues and I don’t think that the KKR or the EBRD would finance us if we had that type of agenda,” he added.