Berton: Srebrenica has a future

Source: N1

Head of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OCSE) Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina Bruce G. Berton met with Srebrenica Municipal Assembly Speaker and Deputy Speaker Alija Tabakovic and Radomir Pavlovic with whom he spoke about Srebrenica’s economic development and education.

“Srebrenica is a special place for us which has its past that mustn’t be forgotten. Srebrenica has a future which we all should turn to,” Berton said. “We’ve had the opportunity to discuss concrete ways of helping Srebrenica. We have an office in Srebrenica which has an extremely good cooperation with the Head of Srebrenica Municipality and his associates.”

Berton added that this is his first visit to Srebrenica since assuming the duty of the Head of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia.

The Head of Srebrenica Municipality Mladen Grujicic expressed his satisfaction with Berton’s visit and said that he has good cooperation with the OSCE’s Office in Srebrenica.

“We presented everything we previously worked on. Our policies are focused on economic development of the Municipality. We’ve devoted a lot of time to the past, instead of planning for the future,” Grujicic said. “Our goal is to create favourable economic conditions for the people living here to continue living and for those who left the Municipality to return back to it.”