"No U.S. politician will condemn violence on Palestinians"

NEWS 15.05.2018 10:56
Source: N1 BiH

There is not much sympathy for the Palestinians, especially not in the United States, op-Ed Columnist for Middle East Eye and best selling author, CJ Werleman, told N1 reporter Ika Ferrer Gotić.

“The NRA and the Israeli lobby are the most powerful lobbies in this country, no U.S. politician will condemn violence against Palestinians,” said Werleman, who also hosts the ‘Foreign Object’ podcast.

“The political class is paralyzed by the Israeli lobby,” he added.

Gaza's Health Ministry said the number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli army near the border has reached 37. This makes Monday the deadliest day for Gaza since the 2014 devastating cross-border war between the territory's Hamas leaders and Israel.

The number of Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers since the mass border protests began in late March now stands at 79. More than 2,000 Gaza residents have also been wounded during that time by Israeli gunfire.