Islamic Community in Bosnia condemns the violence in Gaza

NEWS 15.05.2018 12:27
Source: IZ BiH

The Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina strongly condemns the yesterday's attack on the protesters in Gaza.

“It is unthinkable that excessive force would be used against unarmed protesters as we have witnessed yesterday and that all of this was happening without a single reaction from the international community,” the Islamic Community said. “The residents of Gaza who are placed in the largest concentration camp in the world are now being denied the right to peacefully protest against the position they are in.”

As a sign of solidarity with the Palestinian people and according to the instruction of the Grand Mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina Husein Kavazovic, a prayer will be held for all the killed Palestinians in yesterdays protests, in mosques across Bosnia, right after the Friday Prayer.

N1 BiH

Amid the events in Gaza, N1 hosted a Professor of International Relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo, Esref Kenan Rasidagic who said that the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem was neither wise nor desirable at this moment because the greatest super-power in the world has thus taken the side of Israel.

Rasidagic said that this was the US President Donald Trump’s decision and that the opinion of all the experts, the media and the general public was that this was an unwise decision.

“The US has taken the side of Israel. Their status as the world’s greatest super-power requires them to act as a neutral arbitrator. With this move, the US has given up on that status and one can ask how can anyone trust the US when they speak of maintaining peace in the Middle East,” Rasidagic added.

According to him, the Trump Administration’s latest moves contribute to the US losing the position of the “global policeman.” In this way, the US is excluding itself from the peace negotiations process, he told N1.