Cavara discloses HDZ BiH's 'Plan B'

NEWS 25.05.2018 17:25
Source: N1

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity President Marinko Cavara said that the Croat Democratic Union's (HDZ BiH) 'Plan A' is to make the state function, the 'Plan B' exists in case the 'Plan A' fails.

Speaking about the changes to the Election Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cavara told the reporters that this party must respond with a democratic system and a joint position of the Croat people.  

“Bosnian Constitution assumes that representatives of constituent peoples will be elected to government positions, meaning that Croat representatives should be elected. However, the elected officials were members of the Croat people, but they were not elected by the Croat people. We asked that this be changed through amendments to the Electoral Law. We will ask for this in the future,” Cavara said.  

“This is the ‘Plan A’ which we want to realize through this election, and that means making the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina function.”

When asked about the ‘Plan B,’ previously mentioned by HDZ BiH Leader Dragan Covic who is also the Bosnian tripartite Presidency member, Cavara responded:

“The ‘Plan B’ is to return to ‘Plan A’ in case we fail to make the legal state function, and in case there is a significant decline in the rights of peoples and citizens of this country. Then we would have to look for a political solution in the form of returning to the ‘Plan A’.”

Submitting his party's candidacy documents to the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina, amid the 2018 general election, Cavara told the reporters he is convinced that the HDZ BiH will form the government once again.  

Two years ago the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina ruled that some provisions of Bosnia’s Election Law were inconsistent with the state Constitution. Since then the authorities have failed to act in the legally allowed time-frame resulting in a further court ruling to delete two sections of the Election Law that treat the matter of representation in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) entity's House of Peoples.

The ongoing political talks on the electoral reform in Bosnia have been in a deadlock for some time, despite the mediation of international representatives in the country, who took the advisory role in these negotiations.

Earlier this month, Dragan Covic said that the parties gathered around the Croat National Assembly (HNS) are initiating a ‘Project B’ or a ‘Plan B’ for amendments to the Election Law because the activities concerning the changes to the Law make no sense after Bosnia and Herzegovina's Central Election Commission announced the election.