Covic: There are enough Croats in govt. institutions

NEWS 26.05.2018 16:01
Source: N1

Bosnian Presidency member and the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) Leader Dragan Covic spoke at the Croatian Democratic Union’s (HDZ) party Convention in Zagreb, saying that the Croat people in Bosnia will prevent any uncertainty from overspilling from the Western Balkans into Croatia.

“I guarantee you that on the other side of the thousands of kilometres of the common European border, you have a Croat people, an organized Croat people, who will send the same message as they recently did about the Peljesac Bridge and many other uncertainties waiting to overspill from the Western Balkans or Southeast Europe towards Croatia. This will not pass! There are enough of us at all levels of government that we will stop anyone from doing anything of the sort,” Covic said.  

He added that there will be no divisions among the Croats in Bosnia.  

“Regardless of the fact that we have not changed the Electoral Law in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we will continue to live on our land, to decide on the political issues of every Croat throughout Bosnia. There are no differences and no divisions among the Croats in Bosnia, regardless of how much some might try to divide us,” Covic added and concluded that HDZ BiH will be the winners at the Bosnia’s October election, together with HDZ’s help.