MP Evans: We will inform PM May about situation in Bosnia

NEWS 28.05.2018 14:14
Source: N1

Facilitation of visa regime for Bosnian citizens travelling to the UK was among the main topics discussed at the meeting of Bosnian and the UK parliamentary delegations to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), held in Sarajevo on Monday.

The UK delegation led by MP Nigel Evans arrived for a five-day visit to Bosnia, where they will hold a series of meetings with senior officials in Sarajevo and other major cities.

Addressing a press conference following the meeting, Chair of Bosnian Parliament’s delegation to the IPU Nenad Lalic said they focused on the improvement of cooperation and facilitation of the visa regime between the UK and Bosnia.

The two delegations discussed the opportunities in tourism as well.

“Traditionally, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been an absolute magnet for tourism from the UK to this wonderful area, and when we see the scenery around us, which we’ve done yesterday and even this morning, we understand why so many British people love coming here,” said Evans. He invited Bosnian citizens to visit the UK, adding that “we don’t want the visa regime to restrict that.”

He dismissed the possible negative effect of the UK’s leaving the European Union on the region.

“The UK is leaving the European Union but we’re not leaving Europe. Geographically, that would be impossible. But this visit demonstrates that the UK is reaching out to the countries within the region,” he underlined.

“As we're leaving the EU, the UK will be able to do their own independent trade deals for the first time since joining the EU. And one of the areas we spoke about is increasing that trade between the UK and Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Evans, explaining that this would include support to tourism, metal industry, service industry, and agriculture.

According to Evans, the UK political representatives will brief the UK Prime Minister Theresa May and the influential 1922 Committee about developments in Bosnia and the talks they had with Bosnia’s representatives.

He also said he understood the concerns about Russian influence in the region that Bosnia and some other countries share.

“I am having a meeting with the Prime Minister along with other members of the 1922 Committee, and if there is anything that I believe needs to be got through to the Prime Minister, I'll make absolutely certain that I inform her,” said Evans. “We may be leaving the European Union but we're not leaving Europe,” he reiterated.