Information about helicopter crash in Bratunac false

NEWS 28.05.2018 17:07
Source: REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed, ilustracija

Information about a helicopter crash on the territory of Bratunac Municipality turned out to be false, the Zvornik Police Department spokesperson Miljan Bobar told N1.

 He said there was a malfunction on one of the power lines in the Municipality, instead.

“We've received certain information regarding the alleged helicopter crash in the area of Bratunac Municipality. Our police officers had conducted a detailed search of the terrain in cooperation with other inspection services and determined that there was no helicopter crash but that there was a malfunction on one of the power lines,” Bobar said. “It was probably very loud and the flash led people to believe that there was an aircraft crash.”

Earlier, the European Union Force Althea (EUFOR) also confirmed that the alleged helicopter was not theirs.

“EUFOR is saddened to hear of the accident involving a helicopter. We can confirm that all EUFOR aircraft are safe and accounted for. The nearest EUFOR LOT is currently supporting the local authorities as they take the necessary actions following this tragic event.”

The Director of the Republika Srpska (RS) entity's Aviation Service Sreten Ilic told N1 that the helicopter does not belong to the RS Government or their Helicopter Service.

“All our helicopters are safe and sound,” he said.