Dodik and Cvijanovic SNSD's candidates in October election

Source: N1

The Main Board of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) nominated on Tuesday Zeljka Cvijanovic and Milorad Dodik as candidates for posts of the President of the Republika Srpska (RS) and member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency.

Milorad Dodik, SNSD leader and current President of the RS, Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity, will run for the post of the Serb member of Bosnia's state Presidency in the upcoming October election.

According to him, the party's decisions on candidacy and the plan of activities were passed unanimously. SNSD expects, he added, the two candidates will win 370,000 votes.

“As the Serb member of Bosnia's Presidency, I want to strengthen the position of the RS, which can no longer be cornered,” said Dodik, adding that he would serve the solely in interest of the RS’ people.

Cvijanovic, who is currently serving as the RS Prime Minister, said she was honoured to be nominated for the post of the RS President. She stressed that the stable RS was a part of SNSD's policy.

Bosnian citizens will cast their vote on October 7 and will elect the members of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, members of state and entity parliaments as well as cantonal assemblies’ members.