Lovrinovic: Bosnia belongs to the Croat people as well

NEWS 30.05.2018 20:05
Source: N1

We do not need anyone's protection, but understanding from our Bosniak and Serb colleagues. This is a country belongs to the Croat people as well and that is what we have agreed on, said Nikola Lovrinovic a Croat Democratic Union's (HDZ BiH) representative in the in the State level House of Representatives to N1.

Lovrinovic expressed his optimism regarding NATO Assembly's adoption of the declaration urging NATO member states to help Bosnia in creating conditions for the activation of the Membership Activation Plan which is a NATO programme of advice, assistance and practical support tailored to the individual needs of countries wishing to join the Alliance.  

Lovrinovic was asked to comment on the State Security Minister Dragan Mektic's statement that a coup was committed when a five-bus convoy heading from the Sarajevo Canton to the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton was intercepted at the entrance into this canton by the local police and held in the town of Konjic for several hours before letting the convoy through to the asylum centre ‘Salakovac’ near Mostar, to which Lovrinic said that the characterisation of the event was inappropriate. 

“Those were harsh statements without any arguments to back them up. I think the Minister made some grave allegations without respecting the rights and obligations of all institutions. We will discuss the migrant situation in Bosnia during the next Parliament session. We asked for the Minister's presence there to explain to us what is happening,” Lovrinovic said.

He told N1 that Bosnia's Election Law must be amended in line with the Constitutional Court's decisions, but added that is would not be right to amend the Law a couple of months before the general election, which is set for October 7.

Several weeks ago, HDZ BiH Leader and Bosnia's Presidency member Dragan Covic said in case the Election Law is not amended soon, HDZ BiH will initiate a ‘Plan B.’ Lovrinovic said the ‘Plan B’ means every other plan which would ensure equal representation of the Croat people in Bosnia.

Two years ago the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina ruled that some provisions of the Election Law were inconsistent with the state Constitution. Since then the authorities have failed to act in the legally allowed timeframe resulting in a further court ruling to delete two sections of the Election Law that treat the matter of representation in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity's House of Peoples.