Bosnian wine takes gold at prestigious global competition

NEWS 31.05.2018 12:36
Source: N1

The winery of the Serbian Orthodox Monastery Tvrdos won one gold and two bronze medals at a wine competition organised annually by ‘Decanter’, the most prestigious and eminent wine-themed magazine.

The ‘Velika Rezerva’ red took the Gold at the London competition, in which 16.900 wines took part from across the world.

The monastery’s ‘Vranac’ and “Hum-Cabernet Sauvignon”‘ each took Bronze.

The 15th-century Serbian Orthodox is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s southeastern town of Trebinje, in the Serb-dominated semi-autonomous entity, Republika Srpska (RS).

The monastery’s wine cellar is famous and centuries old.

“This award represents so far the biggest success of all wines and wineries in Republika Srpska and it is also the only Gold medal any wine from Bosnia and Herzegovina that took part in this year’s Decanter competition has won, which makes this award even bigger,” the Tvrdos Monastery said.

This global success, achieved under the strict and demanding criteria of the Decanter competition, again confirms the continuous top quality of the Tvrdos monastery wines.

The monastery has two cellars where the production takes place.

One of them dates back to the 15th century and is made of stone. This is where the ‘Vranac’ ripens in centuries-old oak barrels.

Some ten meters away, near the Trebisnjica river, another cellar is located under the ground and equipped with modern wine production technology. However, it finely melts into the old monastery complex.

This cellar contains technology for the gravitational transport of wine during the production process, which is possible due to the altitude differences between the levels of the cellar.