Independent intellectuals discuss Bosnia's property issue

NEWS 03.06.2018 15:45
Source: Anadolija (AA)

Association of Independent Intellectuals Krug 99 convened on Sunday in a session titled “Croatia’s usurpation of Bosnia’s national resources”, to discuss the issue of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s property in Croatia.

The concerns over Bosnia’s property in neighbouring Croatia were raised after Croatian Parliament adopted changes to their state property management law, which now allow the country to rent out this property.

Nearly 200 properties across the Mediterranean coast, including a number of hotels, ‘Energopetrol’ gas stations and business buildings belong to companies based in Bosnia. The estimated value of those properties is about two billion Euro.

Their status, however, remains unclear as Bosnia and Croatia have not yet agreed on how the treaty on the succession of property after the breakup of former Yugoslavia will be implemented.

Politician Amer Jerlagic, who was the guest of the Sunday session said Bosnia risked to lose EUR 10 million worth of property in Croatia. According to him, the first step towards protection of those assets would be an appeal before the Constitutional Court of Croatia, which should be followed by diplomatic steps of the international community, the Bosnia’s Presidency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Jerlagic added that the issue should be solved in the spirit of good neighbourly relations.