Ambassador Rousson: Bosnia’s progress visible

NEWS 05.06.2018 08:42
Source: N1

During the meeting with Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Council of Ministers Chairman Denis Zvizdic, French Ambassador to Bosnia Guillaume Rousson said, Monday, that Bosnia’s progress in the Euro-Atlantic integration process is visible.

Zvizdic familiarized the Ambassador with the economic and political situation in the country and the region as well as the relations between the two countries. He also spoke about the previously implemented goals in Bosnia’s Euro-Atlantic integration process and Bosnia's answers to the European Commission’s Questionnaire.

The Questionnaire is a formal instrument through which the Commission assesses the state of play and readiness of applicant countries to move forward in the accession process, namely to be granted candidate country status and open accession negotiations.

Zvizdic added that Bosnia is implementing all the tasks from the integration process and expects additional questions from the European Commission.

He expressed hope that the NATO’s Membership Activation Plan for Bosnia will be activated soon and stressed that Bosnia will continue to work on the processes which will result in Bosnia’s obtaining the EU candidate status.