Nine Iranian nationals prevented from entering Bosnia

Source: Ilustracija

Local police of Bosnian southernmost town of Trebinje prevented nine Iranian nationals from entering the country on Monday late night. The Iranians had a certification they were asylum seekers in Montenegro.

The Iranian citizens were discovered on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, waiting for a person who was supposed to take them to Sarajevo. The person in question, according to the Bosnian Border Police, is a Bosnian national, who was found and underwent a control near the border.

Due to suspicion of committing a criminal offence of human trafficking, the police informed the Bosnian Prosecutor's Office about this case, said the Border Police.

The cases of smuggling of people, mostly migrants, as well as the illegal entries in Bosnia have increased over the past weeks. The migrants are using Bosnia as a route to their final destinations in the western Europe.