Grubesa and Mektic have no information on the student arrest

NEWS 05.06.2018 16:12
Source: N1

Bosnia’s Justice Minister Josip Grubesa and Security Minister Dragan Mektic said they have no official information about the arrest of a Bosnian student in Turkey.

“We know nothing other than what we read from the media. I have personally contacted my colleagues from Turkey and our Consulate in Istanbul who told me that the Consul had visited the student in jail,” Grubesa said. “The Consulate told me the young man was allowed to choose his own attorney who can speak our language and his parents are allowed to come and visit.”

He added he gathered all of this via telephone call, but he expects to receive an official letter from Turkey via the Foreign Ministry.

Bosnia’s Security Ministry said he was unable to comment on the case in any way because his Ministry was never notified about it.

“The Turkish side never requested anything from us concerning this case. I can only guess Turkey is acting upon certain information and arguments. We can’t interfere in the internal matters of Turkey, however, there is a way for the student to be visited by our consular representative via the Foreign Ministry, to see how he is and to talk to him about possible legal assistance from Bosnia,” the Minister said.

A Bosnian student Selmir Masetovic was arrested last week on allegations that he might be a member of the FETO also known as The Gulen movement which is an Islamic social movement that professes advocation of universal access to education, civil society, and peace, inspired by the religious teachings of Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish preacher who has lived in the United States since 1999.

In reaction to the July 15 coup attempt, led by a military faction operating outside the chain of command, the Turkish government quickly alleged the coup's leader to be Gulen.