Bosnian student arrested in Turkey allowed to contact family

NEWS 05.06.2018 17:28
Source: Facebook

Turkish authorities have allowed a Bosnian student whom they arrested on suspicion that he belongs to a terrorist organisation to contact with his family in Bosnia, and Bosnia’s Consul is about to meet with the young man.

Selmir Masetovic was arrested in the Turkish town of Usak on May 22 on charges that he is a member of FETO, which Turkey declared is an armed terrorist organisation. Turkey’s Prosecutors’ Office informed the General Consulate of Bosnia and Herzegovina of the arrest on May 25.

Masetovic is currently held at a detention centre in Usak, Turkey. Bosnia’s Embassy in Ankara has been following the case closely and requested for the young man to be released pending trial.

“According to the information we have received from our competent institutions, we know that Selmir Masetovic was granted a visit, that he was granted contact with his family via telephone, that the General Consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Istanbul is on the way toward Usak and that he will visit him, if Masetovic wishes him to,” Turkey's Embassy in Bosnia said.

Citizens in the northern town of Gradacac, where Masetovic comes from, had staged a protest on Monday, saying he is not guilty of the charges posed against him.