Sanela Jenkins speaks to Pope Francis about Bosnia

NEWS 08.06.2018 14:59
Source: N1

Renown Bosnian entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sanela Jenkins, spoke to Pope Francis about peace in Bosnia on Thursday.

Accompanied by members of the Kennedy family, Jenkins met with the Pope in Vatican.

“Pope Francis knows I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina so I pointed out the importance of maintaining stability and peace, in Bosnia as well as in the world,” she said.

She has been advocating for peace and stability in the Bosnia for years.

Jenkins, who is the ex wife of British banker Roger Jenkins, left Bosnia when the war broke out, in 1992. After spending more than a year in Croatia, she ended up in London.

In 2002 she established a foundation that provides funding for medical facilities at the University of Sarajevo, the Irnis Catic Foundation, named after her brother who was killed during the war in Bosnia.

In 2009, she received the Peace Connection prize from the Centre for Peace and Multi-Ethnic Cooperation.