Independent Bloc reveals Presidency candidate

NEWS 09.06.2018 17:14
Source: N1

The Independent Bloc on Saturday revealed that their candidate for the Bosniak member to the country’s tripartite Presidency will be Senad Sepic.

The party was established in September last year and it is composed of independent candidates at the 2014 election, as well as those who split from existing political parties in Bosnia. Sepic, who is the President of the party, had left the main Bosniak party in the country, the Party for Democratic Action (SDA).

“I am today officially announcing my candidacy for Bosnia’s Presidency member, and I would like to thank all colleagues and everyone who supports me in offering citizens a different kind of politics. Hope instead of fear, solutions instead of conflict, future instead of the past,” Sepic said.

Sepic said he wants to send a “message to Bosniaks”.

“We need to be the engine for healthy changes (…) We will never forget the past, but we will turn toward the future. We will walk the path toward the right goal, which is peace and stability as well as the survival of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a centuries-old country of successful, honourable people, and where our youth will stay and live,” he said.