Bosnian national arrested under international warrant

NEWS 11.06.2018 15:15
Source: AFP

National Central Bureau of the Interpol in Sarajevo informed the Ministry of Interior of the Republika Srpska (RS), Bosnia's semi-autonomous entity, that Bosnian national Nenad Radinkovic was arrested in Brussels on June 8 under an international warrant, the news agencies reported on Monday.

Radinkovic was the subject of an international warrant issued after he escaped serving a four-year sentence for committing a criminal offence against the safety of public traffic. He was sentenced in 2012 to four years in prison for death of a 20-year old Banja Luka resident Nikola Djurovic.

Prosecution of the Belgium's Halle-Vilvorde Arrondissement put Radinkovic in detention with an ai to extradite him.