Bosnian student arrested in Turkey released pending trial

NEWS 12.06.2018 15:25
Source: Facebook

Bosnian student Selmir Masetovic, who was arrested in Turkey over suspicion he is a member of a terrorist organisation, will on Tuesday be released, pending trial, his father confirmed to N1.

Masetovic was arrested in the Turkish town of Usak on May 22 on suspicion that he is a member of FETO, which Turkey declared an armed terrorist organisation responsible for the 2016 coup attempt in the country.

Turkey’s Prosecutors’ Office informed the General Consulate of Bosnia and Herzegovina of the arrest on May 25, and since then, Bosnia’s Embassy in Ankara had been following the case closely and requested for the young man to be released pending trial.

The decision to release him came after a Friday hearing at the relevant court in Turkey.

“The information is correct, he will be releasedthis evening. Most importantly, he is fine,” the student's father, Husein Masetovic, told N1.